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Institute (JAI Polytechnic) believes that the student constitute the core of institutional activities. According the institute formulated its mission as to contribute to the sustainable development and improvement of society by educating the students to enable them to become highly qualified/skilled and mature, So that they become able to meet the needs of all human activities.

The institute emphasizes that knowledge has three components

Theoretical knowledge

Reflected in the organization of basic courses, applied components and co-curricular activities that aim at the development of the knowledge, communication skills and interpersonal relationships.

Practical knowledge

Translating into undergraduate research, interface with the society in community work, projects and industry interface.

Ethical knowledge

Being dealt with associations/activity groups in society and institute.

The Polytechnic would harness all its resources in achieving these ideas

The charter drawn will be in compliance with the agenda that the institution shall:

  •   Communicate its goal and objectives systematically and clearly to all students, adopting a non discriminating approach towards students.
  •   Offer programs that are consistent with its goal and objectives.
  •   Offer a wide range of program with adequate academic flexibility.
  •   Obtain feedback from students on the initiation review and redesign of programmes if and when necessary.
  •   Facilitate effective running of teaching learning programmes.
  •   Provide clear information about admission and completion requirements for all programmes, the fee structure and refund policies, financial aids and the student support service.


Student shall:

  •   Appreciate the institutional goals and objectives and contribute to the realization of the same by participating in relevant institutional activities.
  •   Have a clear knowledge of courses, admission policies, rules and regulation of the institution.
  •   Make optimum use of learning resources and other support service available in the institution.
  •   Prepare for the continuous internal assessment and semester end examinations and give feedback for system improvement.
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